NWEI’s New White Paper on Behavior Change for Sustainability

Have you every wondered why changing habits can be so difficult? Or why it is that if you change one habit it can have a cascading effect on the rest of your life? And why is it that so many people express values in alignment with protecting the environment but have a hard time matching behavior with those values? We’ve been delving into behavior change research for several years now – and just this week NWEI has published its newest white paper on Behavior Change for Sustainability: Northwest Earth Institute’s Approach.

In our new white paper NWEI’s Director of Learning Lacy Cagle and curriculum designer Dr. Veronica Hotton explore how even though many people claim to care about environmental issues, their behavior often doesn’t align with expressed environmental values. Behavior change research shows that making small changes or trying on new habits like participants do in NWEI’s Discussion Courses and EcoChallenge can have a cascading effect on other habits and routines in your life.

Want to learn more? Download the white paper here.


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