As people are waking up to the warning signs of the challenges facing our planet, there is growing recognition that together, we can be a part of the solution. Many have abandoned old habits to embrace more sustainable ways of living—from buying local and using reusable bags, to joining bike-to-work challenges and shopping second-hand.

Still, many people say they would like to do more, but they don’t know where to start. If we want to continue to shift sustainability from education to action, we must meet people where they are.

NWEI has helped community centers, book clubs, faith centers, neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations, libraries, groups of friends, as well as nature and science centers move their communities make the little changes that lead to a big impact. Through shared learning, shared stories and shared action, our programs help foster a spirit of community and inspire change.

We invite you to launch an NWEI course in your community today or join our EcoChallenge.

“The experience I have had taking NWEI courses has been nothing other than life changing, permanently life changing… The way in which NWEI courses are designed definitely works well to instill awareness about our need to make necessary changes in our human behavior … that is, if we truly want to sustain life for future generations!” -Course Participant


Is your community-based organization working toward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? Explore how EcoChallenge and our discussion course books align with the SDG’s.


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