EcoChallenge 2014: What kind of change maker are you?

How are you best suited to make a positive impact for the planet? The thought alone can be enough to invite a headache—but don’t let it!

Keeping you assured, leading researcher and friend-of-NWEI Renee Lertzman has shed some welcome light on the four main lenses into which sustainability change makers tend to fall. Do you recognize yourself in one of the following areas?

Image credit: Brand Cool
Image credit: Brand Cool
  • The Behaviorist identifies key triggers that help to “shift, nudge or influence” positive behaviors for the planet.
  • The Sociologist works on a more macro-scale to leverage “cultural values, beliefs and identities” in an effort to shift those currents. Think messaging that taps into our greater social consciousness and aspirations.
  • The Guru speaks “to people’s direct emotional connection” with sustainability issues and views stakeholders as collaborators in the change process.
  • The Designer focuses on “how we can design solutions through our technological, industrial and commercial innovations.”

Knowing which lens we tend to look through matters greatly, as Dr. Lerztman puts it, because “our lens shapes our ideas, strategies and capacities to imagine new and different innovations.” Just as important to keep in mind is how each lens is limited on its own: “The truth is that real change — at the level required for shifting how we exist sustainably on our planet — involves all of these, in specific combinations.”

So, which combination will you bring to the table for EcoChallenge 2014?

Danny Lampton is Communications Associate for Northwest Earth Institute


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