Simplify Your Life: Take On a Simplicity EcoChallenge

capture“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

~ Hans Hofmann

In an often complex busy world, we at NWEI believe it is essential to eliminate the unnecessary so that as Hans Hoffman says, “the necessary may speak.” We believe that less is definitely more – which is why we created the new Simplicity EcoChallenge this year.

Instead of feeling like you need to always be doing more in order to create change in the world or your life, this is your opportunity to do less and reduce your impact while also living intentionally and cultivating peace of mind. This new Simplicity Challenge gives you the opportunity to consider your relationship to technology, practice buying only what you need, support a sharing economy, declutter, or realign your work-life balance. We hope you will join us in cutting through the noise and focusing on what is important in your life!

*Looking for more ways to practice simplicity in your life? Check out our Simplicity EcoChallenge actions here. For a deeper dive, organize our Voluntary Simplicity discussion course this fall and explore how consumption patterns impact you and your relationships as well as the environment. Finally, consider sponsoring a session or page in our new course book on living simply and intentionally – to be released early 2017.  




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