NWEI was founded on the belief that the solution to many of the Earth’s biggest challenges lies in the power of collective change: by taking small steps in our own lives, each of us contributes to a world of impact.

We strive to help people create change (both personal and global) by helping them connect with their communities, share learning and inspiration, and take action, together.

To date, we have helped more than 240,000 people change for good, in ways both small and large. But this is only the beginning. With your help, we will inspire more people to discover change, together.


There Are Many Ways to Support NWEI

  • Make a Donation

    We rely on generous contributions to support our work. Your donation helps us build communities of change across the globe and allows us to keep our course books up-to-date. Thank you for supporting our organization with a tax-deductible contribution.

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  • Organize a Course

    Organizing a course is easy, fun, and incredibly rewarding. Course organizers choose one of our 10 discussion courses that cut to the core of what people value and how they live: food, health, transportation and household consumption. Our course books help you guide the discussions that inspire your group to discover change, together.

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  • Volunteer

    The active support of hundreds of dedicated local and national volunteers has been integral to NWEI’s success from the very beginning. Volunteering with NWEI allows you to connect your passion with our mission and inspire others to create communities of change. There are many ways to get involved; sign up today.

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  • Partner with NWEI

    NWEI has formed partnerships with individuals and organizations across North America to actively inspire others to change for good. We are proud of our strong history of collaboration. We invite you to consider becoming a more formal partner with NWEI by joining our North American Network.

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