A Simplicity Manifesto | Students Respond to NWEI’s Simple Living Book

This spring, ENG 100 students from Kapi’olani Community College in Hawaii participated in Northwest Earth Institute’s A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World discussion course with faculty member Krista Hiser leading. For their final project, students were tasked with collaboratively writing a Simplicity Manifesto modeled on one of the activities in the course book. “I told them to add statements that they felt to be true and meaningful,” shared Krista. “For these kids, these were truly new ideas, so the statements in the manifesto represent transformative new thoughts for them. This is the beginning of a degrowth mindset. They came to these conclusions on their own.”
The second part of the assignment was to highlight and commit to action steps related to living more simply. One student shared, “I
will try to cut down on buying the things I want so that I can start simple living.” Another said, “I will reduce my carbon footprint, turn off electronics when not needed, carpool, ride a bike, and/or walk.” Other students highlighted the goal of taking time every day to enjoy the present moment, buying local products, and living with more awareness of the impact of everyday choices. “I will try to live a simpler life by living with things I think are necessary,” shared another student.
Thanks to Krista Hiser and her ENG 100 students for sharing their experiences. For more information on A Different Way, click here.



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