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We Make it Easy for Course Organizers

We are committed to providing course organizers with a wide range of support tools, including a course organizer’s guide, videos, registration forms and more. Our Team is happy to provide support and assistance along the way too. Contact us by email at contact@nwei.org or at 503.227.2807.

Course Organizers Guide
Course Organizer Training
Course Registration Form
Video Tips on Facilitating

Additional Coursebook Resources


  • Facilitating a session is easy and no one needs to be an expert! Watch this video on facilitating so you can be prepared for your first session.
  • Watch this video and learn about the extra features you get when picking an ebook.


NWEI Course Description Flier:
About NWEI flier, Course Book Descriptions

Need a little help organizing your course? Please fill out this form or call us at 503.227.2807. 


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Watch this video to learn more about our discussion and the facilitation process.