Oakland University Students Reflect On Food Choices, Cite NWEI Course Book as Way to Bridge Learning and Action

imagesProfessor Tara Deubel recently used NWEI’s Hungry for Change course book in her Food Quest course at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. In this online course, students had the opportunity to reflect via online discussion about issues such as unethical treatment of animals, the benefits of supporting local agriculture and the health effects of industrialized foods. One student noted that she “was able to have my eyes opened up to many new areas regarding the foods that I eat.” With the help of NWEI’s course book, students were able to address living conditions of workers on tomato farms, genetically modified organisms, food sovereignty issues, food waste, pesticides, overfishing, factory farms, fair trade certification as well as explore personal eating habits and choices. “I will never look at food the same way again,” reflected another student.

The NWEI course book “gave me a lot of hope to read stories about people making changes on large scales that help not only themselves but the community around them. In my own life I was inspired to make changes to what I eat…I shop at farmers markets and I find myself buying more seasonally sold foods. I also look at the labels more,” shared another student. “This book has shown me ways that I can change my eating habits in order to help with preserving our earth and resources as much as I can…The readings actually teach us something that we can take away from the course and apply to our lives as well as using our knowledge to influence others.”


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