Introducing NWEI’s Newest Course Book on Living Simply in a Complex World!

A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World is the newest course book from Northwest Earth Institute – to be released next month! This new course book will help you rediscover a way of life that’s simpler and driven by what matters most, providing opportunitites to reconnect with your values, and discover how simple living intersects with sustainability — at the personal and global levels.

The concept of “living simply so that others may simply live” has been around for hundreds of years. Today, we choose simple living as a way to make our own paths in life, paths that allow for investing our time in the things that matter most to us, making choices that create less waste and more good, using technology intentionally, and critically examining the messages that tell us what to believe, what to value, and who to be. A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World connects our individual values and actions to the larger picture and helps us to find power to make real change in our lives, communities, and in the world at large.

Session topics explore living a life of happiness and meaning,  addressing ‘busyness’ and distraction, practices to consume less and create more, and our relationship with technology. Throughout the course book, there are opportunities to cultivate mindfulness and intentionality, and to connect, reflect and act on your relationship with time, technology, material possessions and media.

A Different Way is currently available for pre-order and will be available in paperback and ebook in mid February. This course is a great way to engage your community, friends, or neighbors in dialogue and action in 2017, and we hope you’ll consider organizing a course this Spring!

2 Responses to “Introducing NWEI’s Newest Course Book on Living Simply in a Complex World!”

  1. Ann Deupree

    Exciting! This course sounds like just what we need.

    A couple questions:

    Is this the update of “Voluntary Simplicity”?

    Is there a reduced cost for partners to purchase the ebook? Our steering committee of six likes to take the course before we offer it to others at the library.

    • Deborah McNamara

      Hello Ann! Thanks for reaching out! This is actually no the update of Voluntary Simplicity -although there is certainly an overlap of themes. We will continue to offer Voluntary Simplicity as a separate discussion course. This new course still focuses on simple living, but brings in more food for thought around consumption, our relationship with technology and media – and how to cultivate media literacy. Yes to your question about partners – and a great idea to take the course before offering it at the library. Happy New Year to you and everyone at SDGN!


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