NWEI’s latest partner: Gray Is Green

We’re excited to announce our latest formal partnership with Gray Is Green—a national network of older adults focused on the work of green legacy through sustainable living and environmental advocacy. As a green 26-year-old myself, I can only hope to be as steadfast when I’m older as are members of this organization.


As a new NWEI partner, Gray Is Green will now make the educational resources of NWEI readily accessible to our new extended network. Check out their website to see what they stand for. We are especially encouraged to have Gray-Greens participate in the support and promotion of our newest course book, Seeing Systems, which inspires effective community change at the intersection of peace, justice and sustainability.

Both NWEI and Gray Is Green will now work together to expand our national network of sustainability advocates who inspire citizens to take responsibility for Earth by discovering change, together. NWEI looks forward to deepening our relationship with an already-terrific organization.

Danny Lampton is Communications Associate for Northwest Earth Institute


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