NWEI Partner Simplicity Matters Earth Institute Fosters Discussion around Climate Change

NWEI partner Simplicity Matters Earth Institute in Maryland continues to foster momentum and discussion around climate change while promoting NWEI courses.  

During the recent 350.org-promoted event “Connect the Dots,” Lore Rosenthal and her colleagues at Simplicity Matters Earth Institute (SMEI) helped folks connect the dots among climate change, extreme weather and energy production by holding a discussion and demonstration at a local coal-fired power plant. SMEI used the momentum from this 350.org event to encourage folks to participate in NWEI’s Powering a Bright Future discussion course.

It’s one thing to talk about and imagine the complexities of climate change, but it’s another to have conversations on the ground with the issue staring you right in the face…

In what creative ways are you introducing sustainability issues or engaging folks in NWEI discussion courses? We’d like to know!


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