A New Podcast on A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World

This month, NWEI’s Director of Learning Lacy Cagle had a conversation with our colleagues at Simple Living Works about our newest course book, A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World. 

Lacy, who led the development process of A Different Way, shares insights on simple living and media literacy – and ways to challenge consumerism. She also discusses how this new book offers us a chance to reconnect with what matters most, explore practical ways to simplify our lives, and reduce our impact.

“Today’s world can feel overwhelming, especially for those of us who want to live authentic lives in line with our values. Living simply is a way to put it all into perspective, to consciously act on our values, and to create greater cultural change and impact,” reflects Lacy.

Thanks to Lacy and Simple Living Works for this podcast on NWEI’s newest course – and why it is so important now. You can listen to the full podcast here! 



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