MetLife’s Story of Change: How a Custom EcoChallenge Inspired 1,200 Employees

captureAs we reach the end of the year we’re celebrating the successes of 2016, and one big celebration is the launch of custom EcoChallenges. Today we’re excited to share how MetLife used a custom EcoChallenge to inspire over 1,200 employees from 22 countries earlier this year. The results were amazing, and proved that small actions really do add up to real change!

Over the course of the two-week Challenge, MetLife employees collectively saved over 7,600 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, conserved over 38,000 pounds of water, converted over 39,000 minutes of indoor time to time spent outdoors in nature, and diverted nearly 4,000 disposable cups from the landfill. The global community of EcoChallengers focused on a variety of projects. In China employees focused on reducing impact by eating more vegetarian meals. In Argentina employees focused on promoting reusable mugs. In Australia employees focused on composting food waste. In Beirut employees created an entirely new green roof. Others focused on organic gardening, re-purposing old materials and bike commuting.

captureRecognizing that employees are essential to promoting environmental stewardship across the company, MetLife has focused on integrating sustainability and employee engagement into the workplace through their global sustainability engagement program, called ‘Our Green Impact’. After learning about the Northwest Earth Institute’s EcoChallenge, Metlife’s Global Sustainability Team worked with NWEI to offer a custom EcoChallenge for MetLife employees, in hopes of further encouraging more sustainable lifestyles and contributing to the achievement of MetLife’s environmental goals. Josh Wiener, MetLife’s Global Sustainability Director, shared: “We decided to incorporate the MetLife EcoChallenge into the Our Green Impact program to create a fun and collaborative way to encourage more associates to get involved in our environmental sustainability efforts. It was important for us to find an initiative that could be inclusive to MetLife employees, no matter if they work remotely, in a small leased office, or in any region around the world.”

The Challenge led to positive outcomes for the environment, the MetLife sustainability program and for employees. Through the MetLife EcoChallenge, Our Green Impact gained 300 new members and four new Green Impact team locations, and saw a significant increase in program participation from employees outside of the United States.

Now more than ever, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to make a difference. Want to learn more about how you can bring a custom discussion course or EcoChallenge to your community, school, organization or business? Find out more here

MetLife employees in the Beirut, Lebanon office create a green roof as part of their 2016 Private EcoChallenge
MetLife employees in the Beirut, Lebanon office create a green roof as part of their 2016 Private EcoChallenge

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