Meet the People Behind NWEI…

As many of you know, the faces of the Northwest Earth Institute extend far beyond the walls of our Portland, Oregon office.  YOU are the face of NWEI:  course organizers, discussion course participants, EcoChallenge participants, partner organizations, board members and volunteers alike.  Thank you for all you do to take responsibility for Earth!

Here are a few of the faces from our Portland, Oregon staff.  From front to back:  Lacy Cagle, Director of Curriculum and Community Engagement, Monica Pham, Office Manager and Accountant, Kerry Lyles, Development Director, Rob Nathan, Director of Outreach and Technology, and Mike Mercer, NWEI’s Executive Director.  (Not pictured are staffers Deb McNamara and Carolyn White).  The photo was taken for a giving campaign hosted by Standard Insurance, who has been organizing NWEI courses for many years.

We thank those of you who have worked with us for being one of those fellow people to step forward in the spirit of creating a more sustainable world!


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