Learning Green, Living Greener: A Podcast with NWEI’s Director of Learning Lacy Cagle

NWEI’s Director of Learning Lacy Cagle

Last month NWEI’s Director of Learning Lacy Cagle sat down with Earthworms Podcast host Jean Ponzi to discuss living more simply, understanding ecology, changing personal habits and more. She was featured as part of the Conversations in Green Podcast series, which shares information, education and conversation with activists and experts on environmental issues and all things green.

During the podcast Lacy discusses her work developing Northwest Earth Institute’s discussion course books and how they are geared to engage the public with sustainable thinking and action. She also discusses her work in academic circles to advance sustainability pedagogy. Her take on how humans have been thinking, are learning to think (and act) – and how we could grow our “greener perceptions” – makes for a most thought-provoking podcast conversation.

“We talk about our newest course book A Different Way, the EcoChallenge, sustainability education, transformative learning, behavior change, the whole gamut,” shares Lacy. You can listen to the podcast here.



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