Join NWEI’s Webinar on Transformative Learning, March 11th

CaptureAs many of you know, over half of NWEI discussion courses take place on college campuses each year. This Winter and Spring, we are excited to collaborate with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), who is hosting a forthcoming webinar series on “Educating for Sustainability.” NWEI will be hosting a webinar on transformative learning as part of this series on Wednesday, March 11th at 12pm PST. Throughout this series, AASHE will provide resources, skills, solutions and tools for all educators and campus change makers. All are welcome to attend no matter where you are on your journey to advance sustainability. For more information on the full series, and to register, click here.

NWEI’s webinar will be the second in the series, focusing on The Why and How of Transformative Learning. We’ll discuss how the way we learn and engage is critical to fostering the skills and motivation needed to rise to sustainability challenges. NWEI has always been a proponent of sustainability education that encompasses much more than mere knowledge acquisition, instead holistically integrating a transformative learning process that engages the whole person: our thinking, our habits, and our beliefs – as well as how our behavior matches up with our knowledge. Participants will learn how to integrate NWEI discussion based course books (which are grounded in transformative learning processes) into education and engagement efforts on campus. For more information and to register, please click here. We hope to connect with you then!



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