Intel Receives Change for Good Award! Highlights from NWEI’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Intel's Bala Cadambi accepts Change for Good Award at NWEI's 20th Anniversary Celebration
Intel’s Bala Cadambi accepts Change for Good Award at NWEI’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

The NW Earth Institute is honored to name Intel Corporation as its first recipient of NWEI’s Change for Good Award. The Change for Good Award is given to an organization who in their own right has integrated sustainability principles into the core of their operations and, working in partnership with NWEI, has helped make our surrounding community a healthier, richer place to live.

As the number one purchaser of renewable energy credits in the US since 2008 (according to the EPA) and a strategic investor in renewable energy start-up companies, Intel is helping lead the development of the clean energy industry. An imperative that is closely linked to clean energy is to help make smart energy a global reality.

Over 200 attendees joined to celebrate NWEI's 20 year history
Over 200 attendees joined to celebrate NWEI’s 20 year history

More than 400 Intel employees around the world have participated in NWEI discussion courses. The local contingent of Intel employees are worthy of special recognition for their efforts, both internally and externally. Of special note, in 2011, 35 Intel volunteers took the NWEI discussion course program into 20 local high schools. In doing so, Intel employees created 20 more communities of change through a process of shared learning, shared stories and shared actions. This then rippled to each student’s family and friends, with the end result being small group’s reach rippling outward to touch and positively impact 4,500 people.

“We are honored to be the first recipient of the Change for Good award. Our relationship with the Northwest Earth Institute has informed our strategies to address sustainability issues within our operations and the communities in which we live and work.” – Michael Jacobson, Intel’s Director of Corporate Responsibility


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