Inspiration as Urban Lumber

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent a good chunk of my free time channeling my inner-homemaker. Whether that’s a product of spring-cleaning, becoming wiser or simply watching too much Mad Men, I have a newfound appreciation for “home as your sanctuary.” In this light, I’ve taken to gardening, which made this week’s meeting with Dave Barmon all the more meaningful.

Dave is co-founder of Fiddlehead Landscapes, a Portland company that believes in the deeper value of reconnecting with Earth as a means for social, economic and political change. To cultivate this interdependence, Dave and his business partner create ecological designs that consider the use and health of the land for generations to come. We asked Dave what inspired him to align his professional work with his personal values and, hint hint, we had a little something to do with it:

Yep, I googled "Earth winking."
Yep, I googled “Earth winking.”

“In a former career as a flight attendant, I found myself in and out of work after 9/11. I began to ask fundamental questions about why events like September 11th happen and made a commitment to get up every day and do good in the world. I went on a multi-year journey learning about the consequences of our global-capitalist system. I was angry, motivated to do something, but without solutions.”

[Wait don’t go, here comes the inspiration!]

“In 2005 I enrolled my son in a co-op preschool. One of the other parents invited me to participate in Northwest Earth Institute’s Healthy Children, Healthy Planet discussion course. It was a transformational experience where I was able to share my feelings with other people, take time to reflect on selected readings that resonated deeply with me, and most important, to channel my feelings into tangible solutions. If you or someone you know is looking to make sense of the world and take action, NWEI is a great place to start!”

If you didn’t click on Dave’s name at the top of this postI recommend checking out his TED Talk in which he expounds on the valuable role that urban lumber can have in forging a livable and sustainable future.

Danny Lampton is Communications Associate for Northwest Earth Institute


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