How Do You Retire a Used Course Book?

Anytime the NWEI Outreach Team receives a Priority envelope in the mail, we experience a feeling of dread, as it usually means one of our course book shipments were undeliverable.  However, a few weeks ago, when we received such an envelope, it was thankfully a Menu for the Future book from a course participant who sent us back their book for us to reuse.  We appreciate when folks occasionally do this, as it provides an opportunity to help a few more folks participate in the courses.  However, when people outside of the Portland area ask if they can return their course book for reuse, we prefer to have them share the book with someone in their community, to help spread the courses further there and also save the book from being shipped again.  However, this is not the only good way to reuse a course book…

5 Great Ways to Reuse an NWEI Course Book:

  1. Give it to someone else in your community who is interested in organizing a discussion group
  2. Give or send it to a politician to encourage more integration of sustainability in policy-making
  3. Donate it to your local library
  4. Give it to a local sustainability awareness nonprofit, PTA, or high school
  5. Compost it–your course books are printed on 100% recycled content paper with soy-based inks.  Menu for the Future could literally help you start a garden!

We’d love to hear your ideas–submit your comments to us!


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