How are you Beating Plastic Pollution?

It’s a big week for Earth – today is World Environment Day and Friday is World Oceans Day.

Both days are focused on reducing plastic pollution, an incredibly important platform. Today, we produce about 300 million tons of plastic every year – that’s equivalent to the weight of the entire human population. How’d we get here? Find out in this interactive story on plastic from the United Nations.

This week is an invitation—a call to action—for us to come together and commit to changing our habits by avoiding single-use plastic, reusing what we have, and buying less in the first place. The United Nations provides several ideas for how to beat plastic pollution:

  • Pressure food suppliers to use non-plastic packaging
  • Bring your own shopping bags to the supermarket
  • Refuse plastic cutlery and straws
  • Pick up any plastic you see when you’re out walking
  • Carry a refillable water bottle
  • Tell your local officials that you support a ban on single-use plastic bags


We believe World Environment Day and World Oceans Day are not only about adopting new habits; they’re also opportunities to celebrate positive actions we’re already doing to reduce plastic waste.

Do you have tips for reducing plastic when you shop or suggestions for nudging companies to be smarter about packaging? Whatever your practices, we want to hear about them—they could be a springboard to help someone reduce their ecological footprint or take action in their community.  

Tag your tips and what you’re doing to tread lighter on Earth using the hashtags #EcoChallenge #WorldEnvironmentDay #WorldOceansDay #BeatPlasticPollution.

If you’re not on social media, send us an email with your tips. We’ll be sharing your ideas on social media, so be sure you’re following us online.


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