Employee Engagement is All the Rage…

As many of you know, NWEI released its first organizational discussion course, Sustainable Systems at Work (SSW) last summer.  The course was created in response to requests from the businesses we’ve worked with, who wanted a course that was tailored to sustainability in the business context.  In a nutshell, the goal of this course is to engage employees in organizational sustainability initiatives.  Now here comes the question of the chicken or the egg: Did Sustainable Systems at Work help move the concept of employee engagement to the forefront of organizational priorities, or did we create SSW as a response to the need for employee engagement?  Alright, as much as I would like to think that NWEI ushered in the influx of employee engagement conversations, I know that the idea has been around for a while.  Nonetheless, I can say that ever since we launched Sustainable Systems at Work, I have been seeing articles everywhere singing the praises of employee engagement.

However, I noticed that although these articles make a good case for why employee engagement was a good thing for the Triple Bottom Line, there was a lack of tools, resources, or ideas on how to actually do so.  I read quite a few articles that focused on the topic, but instead of continuing to feel ignored, I decided to be proactive. I contacted Deborah Fleischer, President of Green Impact, who also writes for Triple Pundit (which often includes several articles about employee engagement). Deborah was interested in learning about Sustainable Systems at Work, and ended up posting an article about the course, employee engagement, and our work with Intel.  Click here to check out her story.  Now I’m not trying to say that yelling at your computer screen is an ineffective way to get your message heard; but sometimes it helps to be more proactive.  And that is what employee engagement is all about, right?


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