EcoChallenge Day 15: Last Day of EcoChallenge 2017

 A roundup of photos shared by EcoChallengers this week

Today is the final day of EcoChallenge 2017 – so if you haven’t logged your actions, today is the day! As the day winds down, we have 12,190 participants on 638 teams participating. We’ve saved over 120,000 pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere, and conserved over 330,000 gallons of water. We’ve eaten over 16,000 meatless meals, and written over 400 letters or emails to public officials about issues we care about. We’ve also helped over 1,100 people and volunteered over 1,300 hours in our communities. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated or supported this year’s EcoChallenge. You can check out the impact we’ve made here.

EcoChallenger Zachariah Strife (on the Portland Community College Eco Panters team) says it well. “I can’t believe the challenge is almost over. As the formal challenge winds down, I am looking for ways to incorporate some of the habits I chose for the challenge into my everyday life going forward. Obviously we can’t carry all of our trash with us all the time or sign a petition every day, but there are a lot of small changes we can make to live more sustainable lives. Ecochallenge did a great job of highlighting some of the simple actions we can take to live better.”

John Leary gets ready to install solar power

EcoChallenger John Leary of the Trees for the Future EcoChallenge team is also finishing strong today. He tweeted: “Installing #solar might place me in the Top 20 of over 12,000 people competing in the #EcoChallenge!” Anita Bailey-Huff shared, “This challenge is almost over, and I am kind of sad, but I am also glad I am able to incorporate some new things into my daily routine.” Amber Node, team captain of the Hennebery Eddy Architects EcoChallenge team shared, “Happy EcoChallenge Day! At the last minute I decided to add one more daily challenge in health and happiness: showing gratitude and appreciation every day. I can already tell this was a great addition, and I am THANKFUL for the EcoChallenge for reminding me how important it is to be thankful.”

We are so thankful for you, the EcoChallenge and Northwest Earth Institute community, for coming along on this year’s EcoChallenge journey! As Shastan Jee shared today, “Final day of the challenge – but let’s keep it up for a lifetime!”


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