EcoChallenge Day 12! Impact & EcoChallenge Giveaway

capture1Happy Day 12 of the 2016 EcoChallenge!

With only three days left, we’re in the final stretch! With over 8,100 participants on 444 teams we’ve already saved over 26,000 plastic bottles from going into the landfill, travelled over 11,700 miles by carpool, eated over 850 locally sourced meals, made 473 phone calls to public officials advocating positive change, saved over 34,700 pounds of CO2 and volunteered 1,461 hours in our communities! To check out our collective impact to date, click here.

Today we have an awesome EcoChallenge Giveaway to announce: One lucky EcoChallenger will win a year of Organic Valley products! Worth $360, this is our most valuable prize of the EcoChallenge. We also have an REI backpack and three $50 Zipcar driving credits up for grabs too. To be eligible to win all these fun prizes, donate $10 (or more) between now and the end of the EcoChallenge this Friday. Your donation will support the EcoChallenge (and make it possible for us to continue rolling out awesome new updates like the platform this year!) and it could win you a great prize too!

We are committed to offering the October EcoChallenge as a free tool for you to engage your family, business, college, or community in taking action toward a sustainable future. Thank you for your support – and thank you to all of you who are meeting your EcoChallenge goals and proving that small actions do indeed add up to make real change!

*To check out the inspiring stories of change so far in the 2016 EcoChallenge, check out the EcoChallenge Feed, where participants are sharing their updates, inspirations and challenges. 



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