EcoChallenge 2013: Ecova’s 250 Employees Walk the Talk

Ecova employees post EcoChallenge efforts on an office wall
Ecova employees post EcoChallenge efforts on an office wall

This week Sustainable Business Oregon highlighted Ecova’s EcoChallenge efforts via an article by Hester Yorgey, Manager of Corporate Sustainability and Employee Value. The company has engaged nearly 250 of its employees from around the country in choosing new sustainability actions during the duration of NWEI’s EcoChallenge, October 15-30th.

Ecova is a total energy and sustainability management company, offering clients a full portfolio of resource consumption reporting and efficiency consulting services. So it stands to reason that we would want to “walk our talk” when it comes to sustainability and learn from our own experiences in the process.

Sustainability is all about change. It’s about thinking more responsibly and more long-term about the big and small choices we make every day that add up to a large impact on our world. And we all know change can be hard, for organizations and individuals alike. That’s why we signed up for Northwest Earth Institute’s EcoChallenge.This event gave our team at Ecova the chance to think more proactively about our choices and to take steps together towards reducing our environmental impact.

Here’s how the EcoChallenge works: Every October, NW Earth Institute challenges businesses and community members to choose one habit to change for two weeks, to make their life (or business) a little more sustainable. While a number of individual employees have taken on the EcoChallenge in past years, this is the first year that we, as a company, have officially signed up for the challenge.

NW Earth Institute’s EcoChallenge has provided us with a unique opportunity to engage the 1,500 employees working with Ecova in locations across the country. I’m proud to report that nearly 250 Ecova employees are participating. They have posted their EcoChallenge goals around the office to help inspire their colleagues and start conversations about taking action for the planet. We’re also spotlighting some of our employees to share their success stories and get people talking! Here are a few examples:

  • A Portland employee organized her home recycling station. She posted “do’s and don’ts” signage above each receptacle to educate houseguests.
  • A field employee posted her EcoChallenge goal on the dashboard of her car as a constant reminder to steer clear of drive-thru restaurants, and reduce her waste as a result.
  • An Atlanta employee made it his goal to ensure the office’s kitchen faucet was turned fully off. He has inspired others in the office to help conserve water as well.
  • A Spokane employee built an indoor worm composting system for long-term impact reduction.
  • A Cincinnati employee’s goal was to reduce his household’s paper towel usage to only one roll per week. He keeps the not-quite empty roll on his kitchen counter as inspiration.

In addition to these great stories popping up, it’s been wonderful to see employees working together and supporting each another in meeting their goals…

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