NWEI’s self-led discussion courses are designed to spark shared learning, shared stories, and shared action. Each course book includes tips and guidelines to help facilitators organize a course.

Sustainability Works: Rethinking Business as Usual is the NW Earth Institute’s newest discussion course, and it is designed to help your organization respond to the need for systems-level change that benefits both people and the planet. This new four-session discussion course highlights the business case for sustainability and includes resources that will support the delivery of your sustainability goals.

Sustainability Works provides the information and inspiration you need to engage your team, and contains tools to help you create a plan to advance sustainability in your business. If your sustainability efforts are already underway, this discussion course will offer an opportunity to fine-tune your goals and commitments while also engaging new stakeholders.

A detailed list of articles and resources included in the Sustainability Works: Rethinking Business as Usual ebook is available in the Table of Contents.

“NWEI has simply created the most amazing, enjoyable and best put-together curriculum for motivating and empowering individuals to become part of the solution towards a sustainable future. The delight of being able to break the default office-mindedness and spend time with like-minded people is both fun and invaluable.”

– Steve Frost, Client Validation Project Lead, Intel Corporation

Sample Discussion Questions

  • How might sustainability be a strategic issue for your organization?
  • Are there actions on the materials and waste checklist that you already do or are planning to do? Are there barriers to following through on any of them that could be addressed from the organizational level?
  • Is the act of stepping back to examine values in the context of what the business does viewed as a “luxury that we can’t afford” in the traditional Western business model? In your workplace?

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