Powering a Bright Future explores issues related to energy use, and what we can do to take action as individuals and communities interested in promoting energy sustainability. This course contains solution-based content encouraging discourse on energy production and extraction, peak oil, fossil fuel subsidies, energy efficiency, equity, energy policy and environmental impacts.

A detailed list of articles and resources included in the Powering a Bright Future course book are available in the Table of Contents. Powering a Bright Future can also be paired with our climate solutions course, Change Is Our Choice, to create an eight-session course covering the intersection of climate and energy sustainability, and how we can take action toward a brighter future.

“By taking NWEI courses I was able to connect the dots related to living with greater intention and commitment to sustainability.  That level of values clarification continues to inform how I live every single day.  The courses led me resolve to live lightly on the planet while feeling very grateful for the life I lead.” — Judith Alexander, course organizer

Sample Discussion Questions:
1. What is your city or your employer/organization doing to be more energy efficient? If you do not know, how can you find out? If you do know, what role are you playing in supporting their efforts?
2. What are some ways in which the environmental, social and economic impacts of our energy system converge?

3. What inspires you to act on sustainable energy and other energy issues?

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