Developing Skills for Future Leaders

CaptureEvery year NWEI engages over 4,000 faculty, students and staff on college campuses – offering our courses and EcoChallenge, both in and out of the classroom. NWEI’s transformative learning process aims to equip future leaders with the critical thinking and systems thinking skills needed to solve the environmental challenges facing us and our planet.

With all of our campus engagement efforts in mind, we were excited to strike up a collaboration with the International Sustainable Campus Network, who recently shared exemplary campus sustainability case studies provided by 25 of the world’s leading universities at the World Economic Forum. Their report, released just last week, is focused on educating future leaders by full immersion in a “living laboratory” environment for sustainability.

We couldn’t agree more with the report’s emphasis on the need for holistic systems thinking. As the report states, “While there are numerous and slightly different definitions of sustainable development, all of them require that we understand the world as an interconnected system, linking, for example, pollution from North America to air quality in Asia, or pesticides sprayed in Argentina to the health of fish stock off the coast of
Australia. All sustainability skills need to be rooted in this kind of systems thinking, which evaluates
synergies and trade-offs.”

*You can download the full report, Developing Skills for Future Leaders, here. For a helpful systems thinking model included in NWEI’s Choices for Sustainable Living course book, click here.



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