Announcing our latest partnership with GreenFaith

We at NWEI are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with GreenFaith, whose mission is to inspire, educate and mobilize people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership. Sounds a lot like ours, doesn’t it? We just can’t believe it’s taken so long to hold hands.

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Now that the union is made official, we’ll be jointly hitting the pavement (ahem, grass?) to expand our national network in an effort to inspire more individuals to take responsibility for Earth. We’re honored that GreenFaith considers us to be “a vital leader in the field of sustainability education,” in the words of Executive Director Fletcher Harper.

GreenFaith offers a variety of innovative programs of their own, including its certification program, combining over 75 congregations from across the country in the most comprehensive environmental program available for houses of worship. 

I’ll sign off with the words of our lead contact at GreenFaith, Stacey Kennealy:

Stacey Kennealy, Courtesy of GreenFaith
Stacey Kennealy, Courtesy of GreenFaith

“GreenFaith is thrilled to be partnering with Northwest Earth Institute—NWEI’s courses are second to none, and are a great way for faith communities to delve into topics of sustainability and simplicity in their religious education classes. Every course is thought-provoking and inspiring, and provides many ideas for participants to make changes in their lives. GreenFaith is happy to support people of faith using NWEI’s courses by providing follow-up ‘greening’ resources and programs for both homes and houses of worship.”


Danny Lampton is Communications Associate at Northwest Earth Institute


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