A New “Powering A Bright Future” is Here!

unnamedOur newest discussion course ebook is here! Powering A Bright Future is a three-session discussion course exploring issues related to energy use, and what we can do to take action as individuals and communities interested in promoting energy sustainability. This course contains solutions-based content on energy production and extraction, peak oil, fossil fuel subsidies, energy efficiency, equity, energy policy and environmental impacts.

Since energy is a rapidly evolving topic, we are re-releasing this ebook this month with new content and updated discussion activities, bringing you the latest thinking on energy issues.

Sample discussion questions in Powering A Bright Future include:

  • What is your city or your employer/organization doing to be more energy efficient? If you do not know, how can you find out? If you do know, what role are you playing in supporting their efforts?
  • What are some ways in which the environmental, social and economic impacts of our energy system converge?
  • What inspires you to act on sustainable energy and other energy issues?

Find out more and review the table of contents here!




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