A New NWEI Climate Change Discussion Course – Coming in May

This is the East Antarctic coastline. Icebergs are highlighted by the sunlight, and the open ocean appears black. Credit: NASA.
This is the East Antarctic coastline. Icebergs are highlighted by the sunlight, and the open ocean appears black.         Credit: NASA.

Yesterday’s Washington Post article, The Melting of Antarctica was Already Really Bad. It Just Got Worse, caught my attention as I scrolled through my social media feeds. Throughout the day photos of the melting ice sheet popped up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The news outlets and people sharing the article and photos were spreading the word, reposting the latest in a long string of warnings about the fate of our planet. Perhaps my six years working for the NW Earth Institute are to thank for this being my reaction, but my reaction to these stunning images and the “we knew it was bad, but we didn’t know it was this bad” news was to ask the question “where is the call to action?”

Perhaps you too have noticed the uptick in media coverage of climate change (due in part, no doubt, to a winter of wacky record-setting weather across the United States) and wondered how to take action in your life. Or perhaps you’ve been wondering how to make an action plan for your community.

We’re happy to announce that very soon we’ll have some answers to the “what can I do about this?” question that arises while reading or hearing the news on climate change and encountering daily reminders that the world is changing around us. This May, the NW Earth Institute will launch a new discussion course focused on climate change and the role that we can play, as individuals and community organizers, in taking action in our own communities.

The new course (title forthcoming) will be an overhaul of our existing Change By Degrees curriculum, but will still focus on personal leverage points for action. We’ll tell you more in the coming weeks, and look forward to sharing this new climate change action planning resource with you and your community!


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  1. Nancy Byrd

    I am interested in leading your course on climate change. I am a geologist with over 30 years of study of “climate change”, “global warming” or whatever you wish to call the results of excess CO2 in the environment. I am an expert, but I have spent too much time studying the phenomenon and too little time attempting to impart my understanding. My feeble attempts have usually been met with walls of scientific ignorance and misunderstanding. However, with time and willingness of people to learn, I have been able to overcome this, but it wasn’t easy.

    Education is the key; perhaps I can work within the framework of your new course to affect a shift in understanding so that every locally cold winter does not turn people into deniers. But I need to know what your course is all about. Can you enlighten me? I will be working locally through GALA in the Wolfeboro NH area.

  2. Rob Nathan


    Thanks for reaching out and glad to hear you are interested in organizing an NWEI Discussion Course! Check out more information about this course here: https://nwei.org/discussion-course-books/climate/.

    The best part about organizing an NWEI discussion course is that no one needs to be an expert on the content. The curriculum is designed to be self-facilitated by each member of the group. See more about organizing a discussion course here: https://nwei.org/organize-course/.

    We should have the table of contents and a sample available soon so that you can review more about the content then.

    Me and my team are always here to support anyone interested in organizing, so please feel free to email me at rob@nwei.org and I can make sure to send you samples and table of contents once it is available.



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