55 Catlin Gabel School Six Graders Complete 2012 EcoChallenge, Reduce Cafeteria Food Waste

Today is the final day of EcoChallenge 2012! For today’s blog we are featuring Portland based Catlin Gabel School Sixth Graders, 55 of whom took on the EcoChallenge with a goal of reducing cafeteria food waste. Here is what team captain and teacher Carter Latendresse writes on his EcoChallenge blog:

“I teach 6th grade at Catlin Gabel School, and I will be the team captain for a team of 59: 55 students and four teachers. We will take on the Sustainable Food Options EcoChallenge that attempts to cut back on food waste while at school. We will weigh the food waste we generate as a group in a compost bucket for two weeks to see if we can decrease that amount over time…Our goal is to reduce our cafeteria food waste by 100% over a two-week period.”

Over the course of the two weeks the sixth graders have been weighing their food waste and composting it, learning about composting as well as becoming more aware of unnecessary food waste. Thanks to all the students for participating. And thanks to all who have participated in this year’s EcoChallenge!


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