21 Days of Action and Impact | Drawdown EcoChallenge Wraps Up Today!

Tonight concludes our first-ever Drawdown EcoChallenge, and we’re excited about all the ways we’ve contributed to the 100 most substantive solutions to climate change! Over the past 21 days, over 7,200 people and 767 teams have chosen actions that make an impact in the areas of electricity generation, food choices, buildings and cities, land use and transportation.

Over the past three weeks, we’ve made over 500 donations to support causes related to climate change, volunteered over 190 hours, and contacted public officials over 2,000 times about the issues we care about. Over 144,000 pounds of CO2 have been diverted and we’ve consumed over 30,000 meatless, vegan, local or zero-waste meals. Furthermore, we’ve been shoring up on our knowledge base, spending over 176,000 mintues learning about climate solutions.

So what can over 7,000 changemakers accomplish in three weeks? Check out our current collective impact to find out (and we’re not done yet!). Thanks to all who have joined us this month and the many ways you’ve contributed to making postive change!



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